Solarizing the Hotel Preservation Industry

Last month’s discussions revolved around how Agribusiness and Mini-grid entrepreneurs can benefit from the diversification of Solar Cooling.

This month, we focus on Hotel Chains and the excessive need for Sustainable preservation in the largest food industry in Africa.

The Hotel Industries in the continent are quite diversified unlike those in Eastern and Western economies. These variations are located within;

  • Off-grid Savannah rangelands known to attract large numbers of tourists within wildlife migration seasons.
  • Off-grid Coastal islands with outstanding local and international tourism records during Holiday seasons.
  • And of course, we have the Urban Hotels that are centred in accommodating Business trip guests throughout the year.

This unique diversification of the region’s Tourism industry carries great economic potential within the African Hotel sector however it generates an equally enormous strain on food waste and energy consumption.

A case example of the weight of this problem could be derived from the South African hotel-restaurant case study titled “Food Waste, South Africa’s Shameful Secret” (Oliver,2015) that claims the total cost of Food Loss throughout the commercial value chain recorded a whooping R 6.15 billion, equivalent to 2.1% of South Africa’s GDP at the time.

Furthermore, Internationally, hotels are embarking on taking major strides in reducing their carbon footprint, especially within their energy schemes. This came after the announcement by Carbon Trust that on average regional hotels are responsible for producing 3.5m tonnes of carbon emissions per year that could have been avoided if the tourism industry reduced its energy bill by 20% thorough adopting clean energy.

Tackling Energy Savings with Solar

Saving the planet is all well and good but what return can you expect to make on making a green investment in a reputable hotel?

No matter what solar technology you install, you will start saving on your energy bills immediately and, depending on the system and the prices charged by your local energy provider, you can expect to offset the start-up costs within 4 to 12 years. Most systems have a 25-year manufacturers’ guarantee and working life over 40 years.

Furthermore, Each Solar Cold room you aim to install in your hotel can decrease 30% post-harvest food losses, enable 50% increase in product lifespan and add a Yearly economic benefit of £5,250 for every 1m3 of cold space.

Tackling Food Preservation with Cooling

The way I view it, whether your hotel is located in an urban or off-grid setting, each has a constant need to store bulk temperature-sensitive goods such as fruits, vegetables, fish or meat in regulated preservation conditions.

The importance of an efficient cold storage system can never be overstated. When food is maintained at the correct temperatures, the risk of contamination is drastically reduced. No restaurant or hotel wants to deal with problems associated with food poisoning – it could irreparably damage your reputation and your business. The stringiest regulations and guidelines probably make cooling preservation mandatory to enforce Food Health & Safety.

Available Products, or in this case… Solutions

We can help you, as a sustainably conscious hotel owner, to find a solar-powered refrigeration system that is unique to your brand. The 100% renewable stand-alone chiller units will not only save you money on electricity bills but more importantly enable you to curb Food Loss with Renewable Energy.

The performance design of these hybrid units considers energy-efficiency and zero-emission strategies that can keep remotely operated technology optimal within relatively warmer African conditions. Our sensing and IoT controls will allow easy remote monitoring, reduced operation oversight and subsequently lower OPEX costs.

The design of our recommended cooling systems considers;

  • Roofing set up by single-ply, water-tight monophonic barriers that minimise air leaks, thermal loss, and excess moisture penetration.
  • Insulated Sandwich Panels with superb vapour barriers and hygienic finish. This enables the storage of different commodities at different cooling temperatures. Our value adds on efficiency is opt for white-coated PUR cellular foams that encourage thermal insulation.
  • Flooring for the facility considers concrete floors which are thermal shock resistant and are unlikely to experience crack over time due to its exuberate finishing.

For more information on the Solar Powered Cold Room technology, view the specs in the link below; https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Axk2yMbFv3hbKsZrTvmTnyzy5KE0U9RN/view
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